Best Brake Repair Near Me

While I’ve been assisting Tru-Line Automotive with marketing efforts recently, I’ve learned quite a bit about what they mean when they say “repairs done right”.  Being someone who has zero experience in the automotive industry besides driving a car and taking it in for basic maintenance, it has been a very educational experience for me – from the details of paint & body work to how they do frame repair on RV motorhomes. It’s amazing stuff!

So my wife’s car, a 2010 Toyota Camry LE, was in need of a brake job. The rear brakes were wearing thin according to the Toyota Dealer and needed to be replaced. Not wanting to shell out $350, I held off for several months until I we would absolutely need to get them replaced. Meanwhile, I called around to different places in Santa Clarita and got offered some better deals under $200 using factory parts. And I almost bit. Until I learned how Tru-Line does brake jobs.

Instead of simply just replacing brakes, the Tru-Line technicians go all out to run the full gamut of services when doing a brake job: resurface the rotors, lube the caliper pistons, and lube the guides. Did I know what all this means? No! But it was impressive that they went above and beyond the expectation of simply replacing the brakes.

Also, when it came to parts, I learned Tru-Line uses not only factory parts, but premium factory parts. It is said that their standard here is to provide the best parts and best practices for replacing the brakes (and other services too). While the services offered are premium, it is done so that your vehicle lasts longer on the road before needing to come back for repairs and replacements, thereby saving you time and money in the long run. I can respect and appreciate that! 

So while Van Nuys is a few miles further out for me from where I live, I have full confidence in the quality of work they’ve done and will recommend Tru-Line Automotive to all my friends and family. They do the best brake repair near me, and I live 18 miles away!  Bringing all my vehicles here from now on, as long as I live in the Los Angeles area.

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