Bring In Your Car, SUV or Truck to the Auto Repair Experts.

Tru-Line Automotive offers expert repair services by specialty trained technicians.


We are a full-service shop for auto repair.

  • Factory Maintenance: 30, 60, 90k
  • Electrical
  • A/C & Heating
  • Engine & Transmission
  • Differential & Transfer Case
  • Brakes
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Diagnostics/Check Engine Lights
  • Tires
  • Any factory-recommended service


Tru-Line Automotive employees have the latest scan tools, software and ready access to all of the most popular diagnostic software programs available. Tru-Line Auto also services Anti Lock brake systems and supplemental inflatable restraint systems. Most of the electrical components on today’s vehicles are computer controlled. Components like the electric seats, door locks, power windows, fuel systems, and lighting are computer controlled. Tru-Line has the equipment to handle all of these components.


Tru-Line performs all services and any factory-recommended 30-60-90-120K service. All work performed at Tru-Line meets and exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty service criteria. Tru-Line prefers to use factory fluids and original replacement parts when applicable.

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