Every independent department included within Tru-Line’s facility is staffed with specialty-trained journeyman technicians. Over the years, Chrysler, Ford, and Fleetwood have sought Tru-Line’s help with suspension safety issues, frame modifications, and vibration diagnostics. Tru-Line embraces technology, continuing education, solid problem-solving, and “old school” sensibility. Manufacturers, studios, dealerships, emergency services, and thousands of individuals place their trust and loyalty in Tru-Line.

Tru-Line would like to emphasize that our technicians are not all trained to fix RVs, automobiles, or commercial vehicles; instead, Tru-Line hires technicians that are specialists in their own respective fields. Bill, our senior technician, oversees the repairs of these specialists because he has experience with all of the vehicles repaired. Whether it’s a car, an off-road vehicle, or an RV, Bill knows what makes it tick, and how damage occurs in each. Bill, however, is only a single person; and that’s where our specialists come in.

Juan is a specialist in Paint & Body work with over 30 years experience. He also fabricates metal, fiberglass and plastic. Receiving his initial training at North Valley Occupational Center, he has grown to be a master of his crafet and there is no job too hard nor too tedious for him.


Paulo’s been a Tru-Line employee since 1990. He also worked at Bear’s RV for 4 years as an RV technician. Paulo’s great at general mechanical repair, heavy duty repair and RV chassis repair. He’s very customer oriented and a reliable employee that originally apprenticed here at Tru-Line.

Manny has been a Tru-Line employee since 1988, where he apprenticed. He is a master suspensions repair technician who also specializes in wheel alignments, light-frame repair and custom fabrication. Reliable and hard working for over 25 years.

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